'90's Primetime TV Fashion Series... Part One: Elaine Stritch

Elaine Stritch as DA, Lanie Stieglitz on Law & Order 
I love old shows. I have always gravitated more towards older shows for many reasons. There is something inspirational about them. One of those reasons being, the FASHION! It is always nice to see how trends and style come back into rotation. I will do future features on classic tv fashion, but I have been on a Law & Order kick. The early seasons that were on in 1997 & 1998. Great show, even back then. I love watching mysteries unfold.

Elaine & Jane Fonda
Watching these seasons I could not help but notice how fabulous the district attorney, Lanie Stieglitz. She is played by, Elaine Stritch. Her style is so classic and feminine. I like to think that when Chanel was envisioning women wearing her line, Lanie came to mind. Co Co Chanel had her faults but one thing she knew was how to style strong, confident and classic femininity.

I love how she accessorizes. She adds a nice personal touch to all of her looks. Elaine Stritch is also a Broadway star and she never misses the chance to show some character in her wardrobe. Whether its classic pearls, a funky hat, tie, cool frames or leopard print!

Stay tuned for the Golden Girls....

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