Do GREAT Things... featuring FASHION DESIGNER Sequin Slim !

Fashion Designer Sequin Slim is from West Palm Beach, Florida. 

♥biZaRre AzS fAsHioN♥

Sequin Slim's Creation
Her creativity and love for fashion derived from her mother, a seamstress.  In 2000, Sequin Slim's clothing line started out as a line of fancy and embellished hand-made and styled tank tops and t-shirts. 

Another creation

Today, Sequin Slim's designs include a line of heavily embellished bizarre couture 'KupKake' dresses and accessories.  Sequin Slim's greastest fashion inspirations are Betsey Johnson, 80's fashion, and Heatherette. 

Her ultimate goal is to have her designs shown on fashion show Run-Ways WORLDWIDE!

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