Tricia's Style: Floral!

Romper from Charlotte Russe
Everyone that knows me, knows how much I love floral. It is so feminine, versatile and goes with everything. At least I make it go with everything. 

Variety !

Different Colors: I love that floral print can be a variety of colors, which gives you the chance to mix and match it with everything.

SiZeS: With floral print, the flowers can come small or BIG which gives the piece a totally different look.

Sheer dress from H&M
A great place to go to for floral prints are Forever 21, Charlotte Russe & vintage boutiques.
Skirt from Forever 21

I like to pair floral with cardigans & blazers to give the floral a classic look. 

Shirt from Macy's
Blazer from H&M

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